* Manual Handling

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If you have to transport or support a load by hand, or by bodily force, you are manually handling that load.Manual handling includes:Lifting a loadSetting a load down (often forgotten as a risky move)

Pushing Pulling Carrying Moving a load

Using a mechanical carrying aid, such as a trolley or sack truck

* Healthy Lifestyles

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A healthy lifestyle can have many benefits in terms of your physical and mental wellbeing. In this module we will look at the benefits of physical activity and a healthy balanced diet as well as examining ways of maintaining a healthy weight. Click or tap on the blocks below to get started.

* Smoking Awareness

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Welcome to the Smoking Awareness e-learning module. Most of us know that smoking is bad for us, but do we really understand the effect that cigarettes have on our health? This module will look at the health effects of smoking, as well as the dangers of secondhand smoke. We will look at why people smoke and the benefits of quitting, as well as offering support and advice to help you kick the habit. It should take you around 15 minutes to complete this module. Click or tap on the boxes below to find out more.