*Welfare Reform

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Welcome to Welfare Reform.This module has been designed to provide the key information points on the government's welfare reform programme, including how the programme is likely to affect those to whom its provisions will apply.The module can be completed in one sitting or over several visits if preferred. It should take around 50 minutes in total to complete.Choose one of the sections below to begin.
Welcome to the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) module. This module will outline what ESA is and will help you to understand the importance of following the descriptors when filling in the ESA50 form.It should take you around 20 minutes to complete this module.
According to statistics, there are approximately 4 million households in England living in social housing.That's the equivalent of one in 5 households. However there are around 5 million on the waiting list and so demand for housing significantly out-strips the supply.Social housing enables more people to enjoy the comforts and security of a home and helps them to face other issues more confidently.Allow about 30 minutes to complete all of the sections

*Fixed Term Tenancies

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Welcome to the Fixed Term Tenancies elearning module.The Localism Act 2011 introduced a number of changes to the way social housing is delivered, with the introduction of fixed term tenancies and an Affordable Rent product.This module provides a brief overview of the changes introduced by the Act, explaining what a fixed term tenancy is and why it has been introduced.We use the fictional housing association of Wickstafford Housing in our examples and case studies.Allow approximately 25 minutes to complete the module.